EIC Accelerator - SME Instrument


European Commission’s 9th framework - Horizon Europe - Main channels:

  • Excellent Science

  • Industrial Leadership

  • Social Challenges

  • Submission by pre-defined calls

  • Evaluation by independent specialists

  • No IP restriction

  • New: blended finance - Equity investment

Horizon Europe

  • Goal: Bridge the gap between innovation and market take-up

  • Tailor-made investment that fits the needs of the company and of the project

  • Grant for  development & demonstration: up to €2.5M Grant

  • Equity of up to €15M per company (€100M total budget for equity in 2019-2020 pilot phase)

  • Also provides: Coaching, Mentoring, Networking & Community

The EIC Accelerator Pilot


The Main Criteria


The WOW effect

Focus on innovation

Stage of development (TRL)

Differentiation factors


Demand and willingness to pay


Growth potential (revenue, P&L, etc.)

Commercialization plan

European dimension


Company (R&D capabilities, Finance, Infrastructure)

The leading team

Work packages

Management scheme


What are they looking for?

Disruptive Idea​

Close to market stage

High growth potential

Across borders

Proven idea - with a prototype



The EIC Accelerator Evaluation Process

  • EIC has a community of trusted VCs and investors

  • EIB (European Investment Bank) acts as an investment advisor

  • Due Diligence process focuses mainly on evaluating compliance and risk, Investment amount and structure, financial effort, business strategy & value creation

  • Investment Advisor will be involved in the negotiation process and will do follow-ups afterward

  • The company has the final say

  • Initial budget of €100M

Blended Finance - Equity Investment

  • Due Diligence will be performed with the company's consent

  • The EIC target minority ownerships stakes (10-25%)

  • Will avoid holding majority stakes and control

  • 4 types of investment scenarios

  • Different Methods for the valuation: Multiples of Earnings, Fair Market Value, Book Value, Discounted Cash Flow, etc

  • Various investment approaches: Common shares, Preferred shares, Convertible shares, etc

Due Diligence & Investment Structure


Annual Budget - EIC Accelerator Pilot


Evaluation Process

Types of Investment Scenario

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