EIC Accelerator - SME Instrument


EIC main instruments and characteristics

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EIC Accelerator Types of Investment Scenario

Grant only

support for development (TRL 5/68), deployment and scale-up (TRL 9).

If you can prove that you have sufficient financial means for deployment and scale-up (TRL 9).

Grant and investment

If your innovation still requires significant work to validate and demonstrate in relevant environments to assess its commercial potential.

Grant First

Investment only

If you are looking to fill the funding gap for rapid scale-up of your high-risk innovation and you don’t need a grant.

Investment component

  • minimum EUR 0.5 million and maximum EUR 15 million,

  • usually in the form of direct equity or quasi-equity,

  • maximum 25% of the voting shares of the company,

  • “patient capital” principle (7-10 years perspective on average).

Grant component

  • maximum EUR 2.5 million,

  • eligible costs are reimbursed up to a maximum of 70%,

  • innovation activities supported should be completed within 24 months,

  • small mid-caps are not eligible for grant (but can apply for investment only).


The Main Criteria


Technological feasibility (TRL 5/6 min); IPR; timing; degree of novelty.


scale-up potential; financial needs; market analysis including competitive
analysis; commercialization strategy; key partners, broader impact.


Level of risk, implementation, and need for Union support: team, clear implementation plan; high investment risk; market risks assessed and mitigated


What are they looking for?


Disruptive Idea​

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Close to market stage


High growth potential


Across borders


Proven idea - with a prototype




Stage 1: Pre-application Evaluation Process

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Stage 2: Full-Proposal Evaluation Process

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Stage 3: Interview Evaluation Process

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Annual Budget - EIC Accelerator 

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