EIC Accelerator - SME Instrument


EIC main instruments and characteristics

  • Goal: Bridge the gap between innovation and market take-up

  • Tailor-made investment that fits the needs of the company and of the project

  • Grant for  development & demonstration: up to €2.5M Grant

  • Equity of up to €15M per company (€100M total budget for equity in 2019-2020 pilot phase)

  • Also provides: Coaching, Mentoring, Networking & Community

The New EIC Accelerator 2021


The Main Criteria


Technological feasibility (TRL 5/6 min); IPR; timing; degree of novelty.


scale-up potential; financial needs; market analysis including competitive
analysis; commercialization strategy; key partners, broader impact.


Level of risk, implementation, and need for Union support: team, clear implementation plan; high investment risk; market risks assessed and mitigated


What are they looking for?

Disruptive Idea​

Close to market stage

High growth potential

Across borders

Proven idea - with a prototype



Stage 1: Pre-application Evaluation Process


Stage 2: Full-Proposal Evaluation Process

Stage 3: Interview Evaluation Process


Annual Budget - EIC Accelerator 


Types of Investment Scenario

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