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Kahun Medical awarded €2.3 million from the EIC Accelerator Pilot

The funding was in blended financing channel (a mix of grant and equity investment)

Kahun, a client of Sunrise group, developed an AI-based platform that enables mapping of clinical knowledge for fast and informed clinical decision making, as well as medical knowledge related to COVID-19

Kahun's mission is to empower millions of medical professionals around the world with medical navigation tools and provide :

  • Better medical care

  • Reduce diagnostic errors

  • Cut medical costs.

Kahun presents a unique opportunity to disrupt the market using a mapped version of evidence-based medical knowledge and harnesses a community of professionals to grow and maintain its knowledge base. The Kahun App has the potential to be adopted quickly by users and become an essential tool in the hands of millions of medical professionals, empowering better global medical care.

Kahun Medical LTD ,an Israeli company, has recently completed a first pilot with Soroka Medical Center – one of the largest hospitals in Israel.

The company's personnel is combined of algorithms experts and medical professionals. Its CEO, Mr. Eitan Ron, is the former founder and CEO of HumanClick, acquired by LivePerson, and then acted as LivePerson's General Manager in Israel. Kahun's CTO, Mr. Tal Goldberg, served as the CTO of LivePerson, was one of the first to join Waze and was the designer and developer of its navigation algorithms. Kahun's Chairman, Mr. Uri Levin, is the Co-Founder and former President of Waze.


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