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EIC Accelerator - Evaluation procedure

Phase-2 evaluation consists of two sequential steps, the remote evaluation and the interview.

Overview of Phase-2 Evaluation Process

Step 1 – Remote evaluation key facts:

  • Evaluated by at least four expert-evaluators with different profiles, such as technology/industry sector, business and finance expertise.

  • Each evaluator will prepare an Individual Evaluation Report (IER) with:

a. Scores between 0 to 5 on the 3 criteria – Excellence, Impact and, Excellence

b. an assessment of the operational capacity of the participant – page 45 of the WP

- c. an evaluation of the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) – page 47 of the WP.

  • The Overall final Score is automatically calculated by:

a. Median of the individual scores per criterion - Consensus Scores at criteria level

b. Applying the weighting to the Consensus Scores at criteria level

c. summing the weighted Consensus Scores at criteria level Overall final Score 0-15

  • The proposal must reach the quality thresholds in order to be ranked. The quality threshold of Consensus Scores at criteria level is 4 out of 5 and the quality threshold of the Overall final Score is 13 out of 15.

Step 2- Invitation to the interview

  • Only proposals above the cut off will get an invitation letter for a face-to-face interview in Brussels.

  • Interviews will normally take place one to two weeks after you receive the invitation letter.

  • Up to three company employees will be invited to the interview.

  • Interview weeks in 2020

a. 1st cut-off date: 17-21 February;

b. 2nd cut-off date: 4-8 May;

c. 3rd cut-off date: 29-3 July;

d. 4th cut-off date: 16-20 November.

  • Cost reimbursement to the travel costs - interviewees will receive a contribution to travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses

  • The interview process includes a panel of at least five international high-level juries

  • The interview will last no longer than 30 minutes, and includes:

a. 10 minutes (maximum) of presentation supported by the pitch document

b. 20 minutes of questions and answers to clarify aspects of the proposal

c. In the case of blended finance proposals, additional time may be granted

  • Evaluation Summary Report (ESR) is being prepared by the jury.


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