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5 KEY facts on Accelerator Pilot (blended finance) Equity investment

The European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator Pilot (SME Instrument) Phase-2, as part of the Horizon 2020 programme, acts as an accelerator programme at EU level offering funding - in the form of a grant or blended finance (a mix of grant and equity investment) - , coaching and business acceleration services to innovative small or medium-sized businesses with global ambitions.

Here at Sunrise Group we want to Present you the 5 mail key facts of the new program

1. Performed by the “EIC Fund” (Special Purpose Vehicle, SPV)

2. Goal: define a tailor-made investment that fits the needs of the company and the project.

3. Focus mainly on:

  • 1. Evaluating compliance and risk level

  • 2. Confirming the investment amount and structure

  • 3. Estimation of the total financial effort

  • 4. Defining equity “tranches” and critical milestones

4. Investors:

  • 1. A community of trusted VCs and investors

  • 2. The company will be presented with VCs that express the interest to invest.

  • 3. The company will have a final say.

5. Equity Investment agreement:

  • 1. Structured via separate agreement

  • 2. EIC Fund will play a passive role in the daily management of the company (preferred rights).

  • 3. Exit strategy: different exit routes set case by case (ideally, company reaching growth/maturity attractive to investors)


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